Appalachian Trail: Mile 14.5; 5/7/17; 08:01

I suppose I heard that the AT was a wetter trail, but I did not truly realize. I am sorely unprepared for the weather I have been encountering.

There were thunderstorms yesterday in the late afternoon/early evening. I had told myself I would hike until nightfall. I was determined to do just that. Unfortunately I seemed to have overlooked the fact that the raincoat I used last year on the PCT was no longer what one would consider “waterproof”. All of my clothes are sopping wet, save for my wool undershirt, my puffy, and one pair of socks. Now I am procrastinating I know all too well that stinging feeling of plastering your skin with cold wet clothing in the early hours of the day. If I lay here just a bit lonher it will surely get warmer outside. Oh. Just get on with it.

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