Appalachian Trail Mile 329.4

Sunday, May 28, 2017 (Day 25)

I did not want to rise this morning. I was tired. Especially with this darn cold. I have been taking Dayquil. I found the capsules in a hiker box in Hot Springs. I wondered today, if it could be allergies. I don’t think so, though.

Last night was intense. The storm was a spectacular show of lights. To think I considered not setting up my tent! I must have dozed off before it began. The sky seemed clear while I set up camp. Shortly after nightfall I woke to raindrops crashing into my tent. Then there were sudden bursts of light and enourmous clashes of thunder; then light, then thunder. The lightning was near. My tent shook. Storms had never made me nervous before. This one was different.

By daybreak, the storm had passed. My body was still heavy. When I open my eyes yet my body quietly rebels to its rising, I usually give in. I figure it knows what it is doing. It is serving me well enough.

I began hiking just after 10 am. It was sunny at this point. Birds chirped sweetly, the leaves of the trees and stems of the brush gleamed an especially radiant green, fed by the rain.

There was a lot of climbing today. Many meadows. How I adore passing through the fields of grass.

When I reached the top of a mountain free of trees and rich with grasses, a haze had set in. I was inside a cloud. My hair grew damp and curly. The wind blew, like cool ghosts dancing about me; wispy and whimsical. I longed to sprawl out. Roll around in the fields. Sit in the cloud. It was damp and cold, however, and I had places to be.

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