Appalachian Trail Mile 635.4; Pearisburg, VA

Thursday, June 15, 3017 (Day 43)

I rose early and made it in to town by the afternoon. It was just under a mile walk from where the trail meets Cross Avenue to get in to Pearisburg, VA. As I walked down the hill and watched the town come into view, I was charmed.

There is something very special about this mountain town.

I resupplied at Food Lion, and found my way to Angel’s Rest Hostel. I was able to pay for a day pass that included laundry and shower and kitchen and internet use for $5. The pass was good until 10 pm. The staff was extremely kind, as well as the other hikers that had posted up there.

It rained heavily in the early evening and then cleared up again. As it neared the 10 o’clock hour, hikers and staff alike began to jest. They said that I was not really going to hike out, offering me beverages of inebriation. I kindly declined.

At around 11 pm, I hiked out. I trusted my instincts to lead me back to the trail head. I had taken a wrong turn when originally arriving in town, so I did not have a clear-cut route back in mind. Also, the unfamiliar becomes even less familiar under the cover of night.

I was very pleased with myself. I made it back smoothly, confidence growing with each landmark I was able to recall.

The trail was wet and smooth and steep leading to the Pearis Cemetary. I fell twice.

When I came to the parking area, I decided that I did not care to move further; at least I had made it back on trail. I positioned my mat on the gravel just off of VA Route 100, and slept.

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