Appalachian Trail Mile 658.9

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 (Day 46)

I did not wake in the woods, but in a little cave. A musty cave at that. Because I only set up my tent when it rains, it seems to have become a bit moldy. I should start pulling it out dry in the sun. Oh, bother. I did not begin hiking until past 11 pm.

The trail was mellow and crossed many roads with homes nearby.

I came to a very steep climb. The sun had begun it’s descent. I passed a shelter and continued on. For a satisfactory day I had many miles to go.

The climb continued, the woods were thick and rocky and uneven. There was no place to camp in sight. I told myself that I just wanted to rest a moment. I would regroup, and then cover another 5 miles in the night.

I came to a beautiful tree. It’s limbs extended proudly, skirting down nearly to its base; layer upon layer of overlappimg branches extended like fans of emerald pine. There was no way one could set up a tent — or even stand — without crouching beneath its cover. But, it’s many layers could provide protection from a gentle rain. I made myself comfortable beneath it. It began to rain. I pulled out my tent and draped it’s limp body over my own. I left my sleeping bag in its drysack in my pack. I am warm enough without it, under the non breathable material of my tent in the southern heat of June.

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