Appalachian Trail Mile 728.1; Daleville, VA

Thursday, June 22, 2017 (Day 50)

I rose and began hiking near 11 am. I was tired, but feeling much better after some sleep. Only 8 miles I told myself. I thought of the orange juice and broccoli and fruit I planned to eat.

I passed two section hikers, “moms from Florida”, who asked if I was sleeping on a rock on the side of the trail last night. I told them it wasn’t a rock, but yes, I was just to the side of the trail. They said they were glad that I was passing them, as they were worried that I wasn’t alright and wondered if they should have woken me. I smiled and told them that I always slept that way. I told them I was fine, just a bit tired due to lack of sleep.

Soon I was just 2 miles out from Daleville. I could hear the clink-clank of trekking poles behind me. I turned around to see a hiker friend of mine. He said that he was splitting a hotel with two other hikers. The sound of a shower and hotel and laundry for under $15 was tempting. I decided to join them. I resupplied and met the group at the hotel room.

We all took turns showering and sat around and watched The Big Bang Theory and Bones and slept two to a bed.

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  1. Hey Giggles, It was a pleasure meeting you on cove mountain today. I wish you the best of luck and hope you are having a great experience on the trail. I’m going to follow your blog and can’t wait to see pictures of you summiting Katahdin. Hope you enjoyed the snacks.

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