Appalachian Trail Mile 784.9; Glasgow, VA

Monday, June 26, 2017 (Day 54)

It is late in the evening. I am sitting on the ground in front of the Glasgow Rockbridge Regional Library. The ground and the two walls on either side of the locked glass doors are formed of red brick, a lone pillar — ¬†also made of brick — stands opposite the entrance, in support of two inviting archways. I quite like this little vestibule. A local arrives and sits himself on the ground on the wall to my left. We say “hello” to each other. I ask him where he is from. I seem to be more curious about him, than him of me. He is utilizing the wifi as well. He is quick to accomplish his task, and bids me farewell as he leaves. My connection is interrupted and I walk the short distance back to the shelter.

I am cowboy camping beneath a tree just outside of the shelter, my pack and scattered resupply occupying the bunk intended for me.

I enjoy Glasgow. In 2010 the town had this hiker shelter built by local Eagle Scouts. It is free to stay and includes charging outlets, and a hot shower. I thought that this may draw a homeless crowd, but with a population of just over one thousand, this did not seem to be a problem.

They also have a giant Dinasour in the middle of town.

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