Appalachian Trail Mile 796.1

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 (Day 55)

I did not fall asleep until nearly 2 am last night. I rose at about 7:30. The other hikers at the shelter said they were suprised to see me “stealth camping” outside when they awoke. I smiled and said that I wouldn’t exactly consider that “stealth camping”. In fact, I was equally suprised that they slept all bunched up on platforms– three bunks high –when they could have slept beneath the stars.

There was about 5 or 6 of us. We all chatted and sat around the fireless fire pit and procrastinated. Oh, the draw of doing nothing! I finally pulled myself away, returned to the library, and then back to the shelter again. A man was there offering a ride for $2. I could manage that. He was pleasant, on his second Monster energy drink, and drove a bright blue volkswagen beetle. Inside he had a tiny stuffed fairy and a little green frog attached to the dashboard. On the drivers side was the cartoonish flower, propped up in a cup holder, that seems to be a relative constant inside the newer bugs. He deposited me on the trail and I was on my way.

I did not travel far before I reached a view that showed the James River snaking between mountains below me. I crossed that very river on a long footbridge on my way in to Glasgow; I was there only hours ago. It felt nice to see.

I had not concerned myself with water much. This was a beneficial mistake. Though, I should have checked. As, though the trail followed a lovely stream for some time, there was then a dry stretch of 7 miles or so. Due to this, I hiked further. I greatly dislike making camp without ample water.

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