Appalachian Trail Mile 809.4

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 (Day 56)

City lights twinkle in the distance as the pink sky of the setting sun rolls in to darkness. It is my anniversary today. My personal new year. I have spent 29 glorious seasonal rotations on this earth. The dark silhouettes of delicate long-limbed plants dance and sway in the sweet mountain breeze. A lone bug, of uncertain variety, swirls about them. I am filled with peace.

As I reflect on what has transpired since my sunrise summit of Mt. Whitney, one year ago today, I smile. I have found my way back home. There is not a single place on earth I would rather be in this moment.

I can see the stars overhead.  At just over 4,000 ft the breeze is a consistent rocking. It chills the sweat on my back. I tuck myself in to my down sleeping bag.

I came across this spot just as the sun was pulling it’s rays from the sky. A small absence of trees provides a view below. The dirt clearing I sit upon is small. A tent would not fit. There is just enough flat space to lay ones body down.

I spotted two snakes today. The first frightened me. Lost in daydreams, I nearly stepped on its slender green body writhing through the mud. The second was tiny, and found moving through the outflow of a small water source. I thought of what snakes symbolize.

In traditional birthday fashion, when all was dark, I lit a small candle I had packed out. I acknowledged the cycle of a year and welcomed all things to come. The breeze consistently blew out the candle before me, like a teasing sibling. It made me realize, however, that my every wish has and will continue to come true. I am one with my dreams. Life is beautiful.

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  1. “The dark silhouettes of delicate long-limbed plants dance and sway in the sweet mountain breeze.” OUTSTANDING! A writer is truly what you are, giggles.

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