Appalachian Trail Mile 1492.4

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 (Day 105)

A couple of miles in to my hike, I sat beside Stony Brook, alongside the river. I ate breakfast, gazing out at the water, at the ducks playing. I watched as they caused ripples of shimmery, sun-kissed water to encircle their bundled bodies as they dipped their heads and long duck-necks beneath the surface, feathery bottoms up.

The sound of the river, the brook, the breeze through the leaves, so comforting, like a soft audible embrace. I must mind my levels of relaxation. I have many miles to cover, yet.

After meandering through the woods and over brooks by stones and wooden bridges, I crossed over the Housatonic River on a road bridge of US Route 7.

I could not see the river. By that time the land was shrouded in darkness, but the stars overhead were spectacular.

The AT then follows Warren Turnpike, passes in front of Housatonic Valley Regional High School, enters the woods again, and then exits once more and joins Water Street.

I sit, now, in front of an ivy colored building at a hydroelectric plant on Water Street. I can here the humming of electricity about me; so kinetic and fractal. I am here for just that, electricity. There is an outlet here. There are also several trucks parked about. No sign of people, though. let’s hope it stays that way until after I make my departure in the morning.

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