Appalachian Trail Mile 1621.0

Sunday, August 27, 2017 (Day 117)

The air is crisp and cool. Cooler than before; than it was just a little bit south, a little bit closer to the heart of summer. It was dark by 8 pm. Change is in the air.

I am at the summit of Glastenbury Mountain. I arrived after dark. There are many people camped here, I can hear two rustle about in the look-out tower. There are so many tents. I hear snoring. Usually I would press on at such a sight, but I am looking forward to sunrise, and an early start to my day.

I spent much of the morning and afternoon writing in a small cafe in Bennington. In the late afternoon, I got a ride back to the trailhead by the owner of the Catamount Hotel. Nice guy. A little funny, in his own way.

Vermont has been very pleasant in its terrain so far. A lovely mix of wildness and accessibility, with opportunities to venture off trail and find suitable places to rest or camp. Water also seems to be more plentiful. How glorious it is to sip from springs, once more!

Now I shall sleep, curled up in my down bag, shamelessly near the trail, a few paces north of the tower. I look forward to sunrise.

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