Appalachian Trail Mile 1738.1

Monday, September 4, 2017 (Day 125)

The day was clear and bright. I was cheerful and rested. I tried not to beat myself up about staying in my tent all day yesterday. Rest is productive. Yes, rest is productive.

My guide mentioned a spring that could be found following a rough trail behind the Winturri Shelter. I decided to collect water there. I spent too much time in search of the spring. I continued passed a trickling water source, hoping that a stronger spring lay beyond. Unfortunately that was not the case. When I decided to turn back, I turned to realize that my path was not clear. I had not been paying much attention and could have easily become lost. Fortunately, I found my way back without struggle. I came to the source I had passed and followed it downstream. I was somewhat disappointed, until I managed to place a leaf in just the right position, facilitating rapid collection. The water was cold clear and tasty. I did not break beside it, due to bothersome mosquitos. I collected a fair bit, and headed back to the trail. When I did break beside trail, I saw familiar faces pass. There are still many of us out here.

I crossed paths with an older couple heading south. The conversation that followed was brief and discouraging. I was told that it would be extremely difficult to cover 15 miles a day in the White Mountains. That, sure, it was still  possible to make it to Katahdin; their tone revealing their doubt. I left the conversation with excess moisture gathering behind my eyelids. I wanted to cry.

I will make it.

I continued along rolling hills. I found a green jolly rancher on trail. I smiled at its discovery. I unwrapped it and placed it on my tongue. It made me feel better.
Then I discovered sweet crab apples.

Night fell, and I continued on.

The moon was bright and beautiful and reassuring.

I finally crossed over the White River and in to the little town of Hartford, VT.

The weather forecast called for more rain tonight. I found a small covered space behind the public library. There I charged my things, tried in vain to use the wifi, and slept.

I will not give up.

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  1. I have no doubt you’ll make it; with perhaps a little less than a week to spare. Keep in mind your current average includes all stops. You’ll make it. Keep pressing confidently!

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