Appalachian Trail Mile 1753.2

Thursday, September 5, 2017 (Day 126)

Oh, how joyous it was to wake to a wispy clouded sky, a pale pink and blue! It had not rained, after all! I continued through the little town, and back in to the woods.

Within a few hours, I crossed the Connecticut River on a large bridge. I was officially in the state of New Hampshire!

I followed the trail through the town of Hanover. I passed many familiar faces. Hikers and students of Dartmouth filled the streets and sidewalks of the college town. All was a bustle with youthful energy.

The trail passes right in front of the Hanover Food Co-op. I stopped in for lunch and ressuply and to charge my phone. While I enjoyed my tofu and bagel, it began to pour outside. Through the large glass window, I watched the people scatter, running through the parking lot, jackets pulled over their heads.

I let the rain calm, and decided it was time I left. It was likely to rain through the evening, with the chance of thunderstorms after night fall. I wanted to set up my tent before dark.

The trail weaved behind the school of Dartmouth and back up in to the mountains.

It is hot and muggy, moisture hangs in the air, every once in a while gathering to form a drop.

Soon I crossed a beautiful marsh on a boardwalk.

Then I crossed Trescott Road and a grassy meadow, before coming to Monahan Brook.

There was a small flat space near the trail just south of the brook. I wandered around the area, and peered just beyond, before determining that it would be the best choice for the night.

With the thick cover of clouds, it grew dark quickly. I used my headlamp to set up my tent and crawled in side, just before the heavy rain began.

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