Appalachian Trail Mile 2132.1

Monday, October 9, 2017 (Day 160)

When I woke, my thumb no longer pained me. I glanced down at my hand. Atop my thumb lay the most gigantic blister I have ever seen. I poked it gently. It was entirely numb. So fascinating and remarkable is the human body!

I collected the scattered, partially cooked noodles I had spilled the night before. I would eat them later, I could not afford to waste food. I packed up my things and headed down the trail. I was careful not to pop the blister, fearful that if the liquid barrier was broken pain would ensue.

I gripped my trekking poles. There was no friction or irritation. The placement of the wound could not have been any better. I was thankful that the burnt thumb, some small holes and charred fabric on the right sleeve of my puffy, and a slightly frayed and crispy braid of hair, was the extent of damage from last night’s mishap.

Then, maneuvering down some slick rocks, I fell. I popped the blister. Darn It! Fortunately, I felt no pain, and continued on.

The day was gray and hazy. Rain is coming, I thought.

I crossed streams and skirted ponds and climbed Little Boardman Mountain.

By late afternoon it had begun to rain. First in spurts, then growing heavier and more consistent.

As the sun moved further west and slid down beneath the horizon, I passed the Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to. I was determined to travel much further, no matter the weather. The rain persisted, and so did I. There were not any low hanging clouds, so my vision was not terribly skewed. I pressed on in to the night.

As 9 pm approached, a haze set in. It hugged the earth and drifted through the trees. It became difficult to see through the rain and fog. I was growing more wet and cold by the minute. Water had soaked through my rain jacket and top. I decided it was time to look for a site. Finally, I came upon one that was suitable and pitched my tent.

I crawled inside and changed in to my dry clothes. The rain thrummed and beat the outside of my tent. Harder and harder it fell.

I decided that setting up camp had been the right decision. Warm and safe from the rain, I hugged my food-bag pillow and fell asleep.

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