By Foot and By Thumb: Day 3

October 22, 2017

I rose at the request of my sleeping companion, and we departed for a walk.

It was very early Sunday morning. Most of NYC had yet to rise. It was pleasant. When I returned. The crew was already at work.

I put on a hard-hat and high-visibility vest in order to join them.

I helped to unload heavy support beams, and roll out and flatten and weave thick rope through the limp material of the tent. The material was so heavy, that we all had to stand in a row along its edge (at least 10 of us) and, at the count of three, stoop down and push out on the roll of material in unison. Push by push we unrolled the entire tent, covering most of the empty space in the lot.

A lunch time approached, the pup was eager for attention. Off I went, leash in hand, to stroll through the city once more.

I tied the pup up for a brief moment outside of the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and made myself lunch from their salad bar.

I then strolled into a small outdoor plaza to enjoy my meal. Not long after I had situated myself, dancer’s appeared. How fantastically charming!

When I returned to the circus, the tent erection was under-way.

I joined in by helping to deliver the poles to each section they were intended to support. I helped steady the beam as it was inserted in to the material above, and others secured it with rope and force.

After the perimeter was complete, a man on an automated machine brought in the center, or king pole that was used to raise the tent. It was incredible to watch the tent slowly rise, like it had taken its first breath of air and come to life. All of us were needed to assist in pushing and supporting the gigantic king pole as it rose.

After it was erected, a noise sounded from the perimeter. One of the poles was falling over, and was creating a domino effect. Everyone ran to stop it.

It was quite the thrill.

The poles were stabilized once more. The tent erection was complete!

Never had I considered how much work went in to the construction and erection of these tents.

After the excitement had settled, my new friend told me that he was planning to visit some friends in Brooklyn.  He had told them about me. They said that I was welcome to stay the night on the couch.

So then we were off to Brooklyn to be welcomed in to the home of a lovely couple; where we ordered-in Chinese food, and watched Stranger Things, and I fell asleep on the couch.


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