By Foot and By Thumb: Day 5

October 24, 2017

Today was a lazy one. I waited out the rain until the afternoon, moving from the couch to the laundry room to the bathroom and back ’round again in one big cleaning overhaul.  I was offered loner clothes in the form of stretch pants and a tee…both displaying matching (repetitive) images of Pixar’s ‘Despicable Me’.

When the rain had ceased and my clothes had dried, I decided to head out. I had been trusted with a set of keys to the apartment.

I took the dog for a walk.

After I returned we sipped a bit of whiskey on the couch and my friend video called his girlfriend. We spoke briefly, and she asked me not to kill her boyfriend.

I agreed.

Not long after, I was asleep on the couch once more.


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