Pacific Northwest Trail: Montana Highway 37

Wednesday, July 31, 2019;  Day 11

I left the motel just as the bar was closing for the night.

I chose to take Montana Highway 37 out of Eureka.

The night is still and sleepy. I hear only crickets and the hum-thrumming of electricity. A water spigot sounds in the distance.

I turn my headlamp to its red light setting to see the stars. So brilliant.

I made it bright again to see a skunk. It began to wobble towards me. Fearful of getting sprayed, I ran a few paces back from which I came. I waited there until it was safe to pass.

From the corner of my eye there was a flash. I turned quickly to see the brightest falling star I have ever seen, a glitering tail of incandescence cascading in its wake.

After a few miles of walking the bike path, then the road, I came to a lightly wooded flat space. Behind a tree, I spread out my tarp and mat. The inky dark of night was fading away. It is 0444. I must rest my eyes now, if they are to get any closure before the sun.

A car stopped and parked. I could see its headlights carving hollows in the remaining darkness. I thought of my ice axe and bear spray. I thought of how I should lie flat.

The car turned around and drove off.

I fell asleep beneath the stars.

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