Appalachain Trail: Mile 43.4; 5/9/17; 15:40

Today was filled with many views and many voices. Some the sing-song kind of our feathered friends, others the chit-chattering of fellow humans. I amongst them at times. I move quickly but not swiftly. Making that shift of weight to my pack from my mind. Climbing and descending. Now and again pausing to spot a Ladybug, lift a remarkable stone from my path, or observe a flower not familiar. To stop suddenly in acknowledgement of the cool sweet mountain breeze. It livens the skin. Nothing feels sweeter.

Visitors to these woods is what we are. We hope to be welcomed guests for a season or two. But our voices can’t help but seem unnatural. The hauntingly graceful humming of the woods as echoed by the mountains is best appreciated in silence. Silence is what I have at this moment. Stillness is what I embody as life delicately dances about me.

It is spectacular.

The bird calls emanate from all directions. They start soft and grow louder with repitition. Now an owl calls deeply from the North. I can faintly hear the stream where I gathered my water. Just 1/10 of a mile South it slides gracefully down the mountain, cool and clear and confident. It cascades over the stones into the sea of green and brown. The trees are each so unique. A potpourri of textures and shades and sizes .Embracing one another, as if holding hands with their long limbs and curling tendrils. The sky is turning pink in the distance, creating grand mountainous silhouettes. I reach out and press my palm against a nearby tree. I am grounded.

I will sleep on the Earth beneath the stars tonight. The Moon is waxing, nearly full. The forest will stir and glow.

I will feel unobtrusive and unafraid.

I will feel like I am home.

3 Replies to “Appalachain Trail: Mile 43.4; 5/9/17; 15:40”

  1. I’m just seeing this! What an adventure. How far are you in your journey? I worked for Baxter State Park for many years, where you will end your trek, if you finish the trail. Oh how I envy you!

    1. Hi writergherlone! I am in Daleville at about mile 728. It has been amazing thus far! How cool…what did you do for Baxter State Park? My goal is to finish on Mt Katahdin 🙂

      1. Oh how I envy you! I was at the gatehouse and then moved on to be the campground ranger at Kidney Pind(close to where you’ll enter) much luck to you! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything while up that way!

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