Appalachian Trail Mile 258.8

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 (Day 20)

I got off to a very late start this morning…or, afternoon, rather. I was very tired. I awoke, began my morning routine, ate my morning oatmeal, and found myself falling back asleep. Lulled by the sound of the pouring rain singing the lullaby of Avoidance, or Procrastination, or I Don’t Wish to Be Cold and Wet Right Now. Regardless of title, it did the trick.

I started hiking around noon. The rain was coming and going in spurts at that point. It paused long enough for me to break camp. There was a lot of climbing today, but nothing too difficult. Each climb was followed by a gently graded descent.

I spotted this marvelously colored fellow.

He had an adorable stride.

Late this afternoon I came to the summit of Max Patch. It was overcast and rainy so the visibility was not optimal. It was beautiful nonetheless.

The rain then started pouring. Each drop its own little powerful universe. I decided to push past the shelter, despite the rain. Now that I could camp anywhere, I had no desire. I prefer to camp alone. I set up camp just under 15 miles shy of Hot Springs, NC. I plan to stay at the Laughing Heart Hostel tomorrow night. It is located right on trail in the town of Hot Springs. The time has come for a proper load of laundry and a shower with soap. How lovely it will be.

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