Appalachian Trail Mile 493.1

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 (Day 35)

The clouds looked heavy today. I passed a clearing with views on the side of White Top Mountain. In the distance I could clearly see each ray of light that was not absorbed in the grey of the horizon. It was beautiful.

My feet are not satisfyingly sore. I did not travel far. Word on the trail is that ponies graze the Grayson Highlands. I hope to see them tomorrow.

I am now .10 of a mile shy of a parking lot and meadow and pasture. I can hear the cows. Their mooimg is loud, almost angry. There are people below, near the parking lot. They are chatting. They are nearly as loud as the cows. I am cowboy camping, but have selected a spot where I can easily set up my tent, should the rain come in the night.

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