Appalachian Trail Mile 906.7

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 (Day 63)

I am in my tent. Around me the fog is thick and the trees are creaking.

It rained and rained last night. I slept and slept the morning away. I was hiking around 3pm. It continued to rain, but nothing like the down pour of last night. I stopped at the shelter for water and a break. The shelter was full of many familiar faces, eyes alert, bodies tucked inside their sleeping bags, safe from the rain. Most of them I had met at the camp store yesterday. Recent weather reports were shared. It was predicted that it would begin raining at 11 pm and continue through the night.

The shelter was very full. If I stayed it would have to be on the upper level, where water was leaking through at certain spots.

I am not one for shelters, anyway. It was near 9 pm. I would have two hours to find a camp site somewhere up the trail, and set up my tent, before the rain began.

I was succesful. I hiked on, found a site, set up my tent, crawled inside, and the rain began at 10:58 pm.

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