Appalachian Trail Mile 978.1

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 (Day 70)

I remember waking, staring at the green plastic ceiling of my tent, turning over, shutting my eyes tight; repeat.

I was drunk on sleep. It is a slippery slope. A balancing act. Too little rest and one faces exhaustion. Too much rest and one seems to fall in to some sort of conditioned laziness.

Oh, my.

I had to move. Night had nearly fallen when I started. Maybe night hiking would be the best strategy, considering the heat?

I came to a picnic bench at Tucker’s Lane parking area. I decided to try to cook up some noodles and motivation. Another hiker arrived and sat beside me. I was somewhat surprised to see anyone. It was very late at that point, well past 1 am. Since I began the trail, there was only one other time I had seen a hiker at night. We chatted briefly, and he moved on.

I did not.

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