Appalachian Trail Mile 1293.6

Friday, August 4, 2017 (Day 93)

I never left. There is far less joy in the documentation of inertia.

I did get some things accomplished. I ran in unorganized circles, wrote, and spent time on the phone in an attempt to replace damaged gear, free of charge. MSR  is sending me a new stove. I was unable to reach someone at Lowa Boots.

The day just seemed to slip away. I made it part way out of town, filled with the best intentions of productivity. I sat at a cute little coffee shop in a white metal chair with ornate scroll-work and a 1950’s air. In to my second cup of coffee, my phone service plummeted…so I ventured back to the church.

I then grew hungry and walked to the gas station down the road for some beans, and to the bakery across the way from the gas station for a bagel.

Time ran so quickly, eventually persuading the daylight to join, and together they galloped off in to the fading horizon. All the while, I remained adamant that I would, in fact, be hiking out. Then, the rain came. The rain came strong, unforgiving, persistent. I resigned to the couch, trying to fight my disappointment. After all, what is the emotion good for anyway? It is best to accept, and move on.

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