Appalachian Trail Mile 1368.1

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 (Day 97)

I woke so very late. I decided to make something productive come of it. I had cellular service. I spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon ordering replacement gear. Most importantly was a new headlamp, and boots. I sent pictures and a copy of my receipt to Lowa Boots and they were wonderfully receptive. They told me that the Lowa Renegades I had worn out were not intended to withstand the impact of such long treks. Another, more sturdy boot, would have been more appropriate. Even so, they agreed to send me a one time replacement, free of charge!

I did not start hiking until after 4pm. I was determined to get miles in, however, no matter how long it took.

The day was bright and clear and crisp and blue!

As I followed the Pochuck Boardwalk, I realized that I could have certainly navigated this in the fog of last night. It was so beautiful, however, that I was very glad I hadn’t.

I crossed the railroad tracks and NJ 94. As the sun was setting, I made the climb up Wawayanda Mountain.

The trail was afire with the glow of the descending sun!

I made it to Pinwheels Vista, and looked down at the town in the valley below.

I continued navigating the trail beneath the bright moonlight.  The night was clear, the rocks illuminated by the silver glow eminating from above. The trail was rocky and challenging and I moved slowly.

I came to the New York border, and officially said goodbye to New Jersey. The trail would no longer weave between the two states.

Shortly after entering New York, I came to a US flag on a rocky outcropping. Flapping in the wind, it was faintly backlit by the moon. I paused in appreciation, for some time.

I felt the blazes were especially difficult to follow. At some points, after taking several moments to find my way, it seemed that they were downright hidden.

The trail continued to climb boulders. Some so sheer faced, that metal foot-holds were put in to place to assist with the ascent.

I now sit on a rocky outcrop and watch the sunrise somewhere on a mountain, somewhere in the state of New York, USA. The sunrise is beautiful. I turn to the West and watch the moon set. Such transitions, such movement. I can sense the invisible arch of rotation.

I am suspended, perched on a rock in the middle of the world, in the middle of time. I rise, and walk towards the rising sun. I feel as though I literally step in to the time-space of a new day.

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  1. Hi Giggles. I hope you’re doing well. After your PCT adventure, I was concerned you might become weary with the AT since the views are somewhat fewer and farther between, in contrast to the PCT. I see from your photos you’re not having any problems whatsoever finding immense beauty on the AT. Your photos are nothing short of stunning…many of which have now become my computer’s background to keep me trudging along through each day :). Thank you and please continue the awesome work!

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