Appalachian Trail Mile 2150.2

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 (Day 161)

In the morning, my thumb was again enormous. I wondered if I should be worried about infection. I decided to trust that my body would take care of itself. I did not carry a first-aid kit, anyhow.

I was getting very low on food. I was also getting very close to Abol Bridge, where there was a small store. I entertained grandiose ideas of hiking through the night.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun shone radiantly. I laughed with glee.

Day turned to night and the sky remained clear. I stopped by nearly every water source and drank large amounts of water to stave off hunger. I had found turmeric supplements in a hiker box. I broke open the capsules and let the powder fall into a pot of water to form a sort of turmeric soup.

I trudged forth until near midnight. Then, my determination turned frail. I passed a large pond and gazed up at the starry night sky. I decided if I were to stop for the night, I should try to steer clear of the water and the cold that inevitably surrounds it. I continued a bit further before coming to a flat space covered with bright leaves of autumn hues.

I will have to sleep at some point anyhow, I told myself. I stopped for the night, still 22 miles from Abol Bridge.

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