By Foot and By Thumb: Day 6

October 25, 2017

I started the day early, by dipping my toes into nearby Lake Michigan. It was beautiful.

I gathered some food from a neighborhood Whole Foods, and stopped off at a thrift-store to get myself some new travelling attire. It would surely be cold as I continued to venture through the mid-west. Among my purchases was a knit ear-warmer, a brown t-shirt that read Appalachian State in bright aqua lettering (to me the text was referring to my Appalachian State-of-mind post trail), a hooded navy/faded black sweater with a left-handed zipper, an earth tone scarf printed with butterflies and trimmed in tassels, and a black, heavy, over-sized wool pea-coat  to keep the heat in.

Tomorrow afternoon, I would be back on the road.



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