Pacific Northwest Trail; Eureka, MT

Monday, July 29, 2019; Day 9

My feet hurt very badly this morning. I tended them the best I could. I packed up and continued down mining road. The town of Eureka was so close!

My steps and pack are almost as light as my heart. I feel so accomplished, I have learned so much and it is only day 9. I smile brightly to myself.

The road walk hurts my feet.

I watch as a man plows a field roadside.

A woman passes on a bike. She welcomes me to Eureka. It always fills my heart when I am verbally welcomed to a new place.

I break on the side of the road. After every rest, the pain of my feet intensifies when I begin again. I take baby-like shuffles, until the pain works itself out.

I hobble and shift. Seeing faint tracks in grass. Knowing others have done this before me, gives me strength.

I have cell phone service. I call loved ones. This helps pass the time.

I check in to the Silverado Motel and Casino. I limp over to Stein’s Grocery. I buy dinner and resupply.

Hotels are far more lonely than the woods.

I shower and eat and fall asleep beneath a pink, flower printed quilt.

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