Zero # 3: Waiting out the storm…

Sunday, August 11, 2019; day 22

It rained all through the night. It is raining now. I place my peanut butter container beneath the fabric of my vestibule to collect the drops of rain.

In the back of my mind I think I will stay another night–not move.

That makes me concerned about water.

Though the birds have come out–I can hear the grouse waddle about my tent– I also hear the thunder.

The temperature has dropped dramatically.

The sound of rain falling was beautiful.

I recognized the weather pattern of yesterday.

I considered the ramifications of not moving. I think of how I do this–hike these trails, because I love this existence so much.

It is okay to not push one’s self sometimes; especially before a section that is going to test all one has in them; especially in acknowledgement and respect of an elements movement.

Though proud, I am also small to the storms of the world.

I was thankful to be passing the day in the woods; in a tent instead of a motel room.